A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Short puzzle game, made in a week for the 2019 Community Game Jam.

Theme of Jam: The Game is a liar.

Please tell me if any builds do not work.

Please give feedback on the game, and don't be afraid to ask questions.

Making videos about the game helps too!


Narrators tell the truth, right?

You will play as a person stuck in the escape room, and, together with your helpful friend, The Game Narrator, you will find a way out of this room, together. To help you, The Game Narrator will help you with the puzzles.

How To Play: 

Look around with mouse, click to move,

Listen to the narrator... 

( ;

Install instructions


For Mac, just download.

For Windows, open the zip up in the browser, and open the exe file in the folder.


Escape Room With the Narrator - Mac Build.zip 43 MB
Escape Room with the Narrator - Windows.zip 26 MB


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It was hilarious.
I had a good time playing through the game and the voice over from the narrator really kept me playing.
The only thing I was wandering about,
why that guy own two printers.

Thanks! I really appreciate the feedback. (:


Wow! What a coincidence! This is a little bit similar to my game(on the narrator part), Also a really cool and fun game! 


I really like the way you made the Narrator lie to you yet still giving hints about where the keys are hidden. At first I did not understand how walking worked but if you were to make this into a real game I guess you can make some tutorial. When I had all three keys I really wanted to play more! Very good job on this!


I'm really surprised how much you got done in a week and although there are some bugs the game as a whole was great

Thank you! 


haha that was fun i like the voice and the reactions of the narrator

Thanks! I was thinking of making a concept like this ever since I watched The Stanley Parable, and the jam just spurred me to do it!

If you were on Windows, could you tell me how easy it was to get the game running? Thanks.

i have a desktop computer and it runs very well

Was it easy to open the game, though? Did the instructions work?

yeah, i like the previous setting window, and the instructions work fine, i will add a pause menu inside the game

What do you mean by previous setting window?


Why are you looking at the painting!

Had a little trouble with the text input screens, and the EQ on the voice over needed some work (bass would shake the room). I enjoyed the game, however, and wish there was more!

Thank you! I'm really glad you liked it!

If you were on Windows, could you tell me how easy it was to get the game running? Thanks.

Was easy as extract and run the exe. There were MacOSX files included in the Winows zip, oddly enough.

I work on a mac. Maybe that's why?

Nice game, took a while to get a hang of the movement but i loved the narration :)

Thank you! I tried to take inspiration from The Stanley Parable, and Dude, Stop!

Tried Your Game But I Wish I Could Actually Play It.My PC Is So Slow It Lags

That's not good! Maybe I put too much post-processing! You can watch a playthrough on YouTube, the one at the bottom, maybe. I hope you see my game.

Okay Let Me Watch The Vid

Just watch the video that's in the comments.

Watched The Review Your Game Looks Fun To Play :) Wish I Could.Hope You Make More Levels And Stuff.Oh And I Know What The Password Stands For :)  :)


The real one stands for Community Game Jam 2019! :D

I Was Right :) )

so a good start would have liked to see more room to work with and more interactions with the narrator but definitely a good start at this type of game a major complaint I had was to type in the computer the password I would have to use the windows key to find my mouse click it and then type it but after that my mouse would no longer be locked to the window my full play through here this game's play through starts at 4:38


Thank you for your feedback!